Jay Young



Horns Spring Session.jpg


Here are some excerpts from a few of my favorite projects from over the years.....Enjoy!

I Won't Give Up....A great song by my friend Rick Alexander. I wrote the Horn Chart and Played Saxes.

Storms....By my wonderful friend Faith Marie! I wrote the Horn chart and Played saxes.

Heavenly Mambo....excerpts from a couple of songs with my dear friends Vicky and Jes Richmond. Tenor Sax on "I'll string Along With You", and, "East of the Sun".

Lonely....Excerpt from another great song by Faith Marie. I wrote the Horn chart and Played saxes.

Do You Wanna Get Well...A great song with a great message from my friend Phil Jacoby. Saxes on this one.

Kansas City....The Legendary Duke Tumatoe. I wrote the Horn chart and played saxes.

Improviser...For Solo Bass clarinet. This was recorded at a Butler University faculty Artist Concert. Contrary to it's title...it was all written out. 

When Hell Freezes Over....A Double concerto for Bari Sax and Bass Clarinet and Band by my friend Michael Schelle. Butler University Symphonic Winds...I played Bari, and my former teacher, Greg Imboden, played Bass Clarinet. Mike once told me that when he writes for Saxophone, he thinks of me and how I play it, and that 's what he writes. I took it as a compliment